13 Best Instagram Story Viewers (Anonymous, Free)

The world has evolved a lot in the last decade. Many new not so common things are considered essential now. One of them is social media; Especially Instagram has taken over all social media platforms in a small period. In only 10 years Instagram users crossed 132.8 million active users in the world. These numbers are expected to rise to 149.7 million in 2024. Now, most of the customers shop after evaluating products on Instagram. They mark Instagram as their marketing platform.  Most of the surveys indicate that Instagram marketing increases the sale of products up to 40 percent.

One of the prominent features of Instagram is story viewer. Traditional users use this feature to tell events about their lives. They put their life stories, events, thoughts, lifestyle, and everything on insta stories. Many youngsters and kids watch these stories and lead their lives. New entrepreneurs and small business holders are very keen on their target audience. Most of their marketing strategies depend upon these insta stories. They keep a close eye over these stories and bring their new product to market.

Instagram App

Now some businessmen and influencers do not want to let their customers know that they watch their stories and stuff. Other than that they do not want their competitors to have any idea about their further steps. With all this, they want to know what they are up to so that they can be one step ahead. For such purpose, there are few tools available on the internet known as Instagram story viewer. Using these tools you can see stories of people being anonymous. Your identity will be hidden and well kept with the application.  Recently the use of this tool gets extensive because of its numerous benefits. You can download, edit and repost them with better caption and filters.

You can see other people’s stories without being noticed as well. Just switch on the Airplane mode and watch any person’s stories. Whether they have private or public accounts. You can watch their stories at any time. You cannot download or react to them, but you can watch them as many times as you want. It cuts down the videos into 15 seconds span so you can watch them only up to limited extent.

These tools can help you determine the flow of your target’s interests. It shows graphs and the routine of your competitors so that you can judge their new strategies. There are different tools available in the market but few raised the bar to some extent. Today we will discuss a few of them. Some are free while some cost a little hefty in your pocket. You can analyze yourself and decide the best option for your business as well.

Qoob Stories

Another amazing tool you can use to download stories etc is Qoob Stories. One of the powerful and useful tools that allow you to download any picture, video, reels, or story from any account. It can even help you to download captions as well. This plan is so useful for new business kids; they can take hints from any account. You can sneak in any account, private or public. You just put account usernames in your favorite tabs, it will start downloading stories automatically. It downloads them in the highest quality available on the site. It helps users to determine the exact product they are dealing with.

It is not free but a paid service. But looking at the convenience and facilities, one does not mind paying a few bucks. For a personal account, it costs around 7$ a month while for professionals they charge up to 25$ a month.


Another prominent app for story downloaders, viewers, and analyzers, Inflact has its perks. You do not have to log in from any of your accounts to use Instagram. Just sign up in this app and you can download any picture or post from any account. For the marketing team, this data can help to boost their product efficiently.

This is also a paid application but users don’t mind paying. Its advantages waves off the minor difficulty of paying it to use it. You can keep an eye on 100 accounts at once in inflact. They charge up to 3$ a month for 3 accounts, 9$ for 10 accounts, and 49$ for 100 accounts a month. You can pay according to your use and need.


There is an app that can send all the worries of parents about their kids. They can monitor all the activities of their kids using this app. This app is known as mSpy. They can operate this from their phones or tablets. A super easy interface can help parents to keep an eye on their kids. The most amazing part is, it is invisible. You just download it on your kid’s phone and they would not know. This app does not even place its icon anywhere. If it’s activated on the phone you can use it very conveniently.

It tells you the conversation history; call history even the deleted data from the account. It also tells the recent activities of your kids via posts and stories. Your kids won’t know and you can easily keep track of them.

They came up with 3 types of payment modes. They charge 48.99$ a month, 27.99$ for 3 months, and 11.66$ for a whole year.  You can even use the demo version before paying for the full.


Another way to look up to stories and posts without logging in is called SmiHub. This app can help to download highlights, pictures, videos, and reels of users easily. The best part of such tools is that the identity of the user remains anonymous.

For the marketing team, this app is so useful in so many ways. It gives you exact statistics for an account. It might determine the routine and flow of data in any direction. Other than that it is completely free and you can use this for an unlimited period. Social media influencer (SMI) is a tool that can help the marketing team to put their product in the most effective way.


Another simple yet powerful tool to keep track of the phone is named Hoverwatch. A very simple interface allowed you to track all the activities of the phone. It is also a well-hidden application that no one can ever track off. In early versions, it was compatible with a few applications but with the new updates, any social media platform can be synced in this app.

This is an excellent call and messages tracker. It will tell you the exact location of the user. It has the feature of taking a screenshot without even knowing. The auto front camera feature allows you to know all the activities happening. It is very handy; anyone can use it from their phones.

It has access to WiFi, cell phone towers, and GPS trackers. It has 40 unique features that can give you all the freedom to keep an eye on your target audience. Most importantly it gives you access over Instagram, that the first and most discussed thing in this article. Its simplest interface is another feather in the crown.

It came with three types of payment methods. It charges up to 49.99$ for a month, 27.99$ for three months, and 11.66$ for an entire year. You can choose your package according to your likings and needs.


StoriesDown is another free-of-cost application available on the internet. It works only on stories posted on Instagram. You can watch, download and edit stories at any time. Other than that It works only on public accounts. If the user’s account is private, this application does not have any access to that.

It creates a separate story downloading link after you insert the user’s id in the tab. It also helps you reach out to all the latest news and activities of the account. StoriesDown also tells that when was a story posted on the account. It tells the user’s interests and routine. It will help you to determine the perfect time to launch your product or service.


GlassaGram is one of the best in these types of tools. It will give access to all accounts including private accounts. It will shortlist the most common interests of the user. Another amazing feature is, it allows you to take a screenshot. A small icon appears after a few minutes helping you to take a screenshot or not. Along with these, it also gives you access to users’ messages and reactions. You can know the mindset of your target audience. It can even show the deleted chat as well. It will help you to keep track of their location using a GPS tracker.

It has the simplest user interface. Anyone can use it easily. A basic and small version of glassagarm is completely free. But that has fewer features. It might not be much of a use. But a full and elaborated version is much more useful and that came with 59.99$ a month package. You can subscribe to it for a year paying 159.99$ as well.


One elaborated yet free application to view and analyze stories is named Gramhir. You can use it while being anonymous. It will keep your identity discreet. The interface of Gramhir allows you to take a look at account stats and stuff. It will tell you your and other users’ activities on Instagram. Also, the growth rate of all accounts instantly. It can help you determine the popularity rate of any account. This might help you to find new strategies from your competitor’s account. 

Exploring Instagram profiles, hashtags, followers, posts, stories, locations, and other stuff was never easy using one application. Gramhir allows you to do all the stuff using its features for unlimited time. It’s free of cost so you do not have to pay a heave check to use this. Using Gramhir you can also share data with your friends as well. You can use it for recreation as well as for marketing purposes.


Instalkr, like its name, allows you to see posts, stories, messages, and all the activities of any Instagram account. It also tells the hidden or deleted data as well. This application has so many unique features, they charge zero bucks for them. Yes, this application is free. You can see and analyze data of Instagram accounts without being noticed. Your identity will be well kept by the application.

It has the easiest interface so that users of any age can use it. It also allows you to download photos and stories for further use. Indeed a great tool to spy on your target audience and competitors as well. The marketing team can sit and see what type of products users are interested in so that they can put their foot in that direction. Undoubtedly one of the best tools in the market for such a purpose.


Today the world is heavily dependent on social media platform, especially Instagram. So one must know all the information before applying any strategy. These tools help a lot to determine the needs and want of their target audience. Just like Instaxyz, you can see the stories of any Instagram account.

It helps you to look out for all the trending hashtags and relevant posts for your business or product. This application is free but services provided by this are of a great deal. Using Instaxyz you can know the location, posts, and captions easily. It might help your business to stay relevant and trendy for a longer period.


A traditional yet amazing tool that can help your business grow is named as InGramer. It might have all the features one is looking to grow its reach and audience. It can help you to know the recent posts, trendy hashtags, and all the essential information about the user account. You can share your data using Ingramer as well. It will generate a custom-made hashtag for you. You can even schedule your posts and this app will take care of it.

InGramer also helps you to interact with your loyal clients and audience. It has chat boards so you can know their feedback. 

This tool is on a bit of a pricey side. A two weeks plan costs you around 37$ easily. For one month they charge up to 57$ and a three months plan costs around 144$. All the charges are imposed on the number of accounts you are using. These prices are for one account only.


Another unique way to view any Instagram profile, videos, or photos is FullInsta.  Fullinsta allows you to browse Instagram as an anonymous so you can perceive and analyze a lot of what Instagram has to offer.

It’s a web-based Instagram profile viewer that uses the principle of Instagram API to show users and viewers their desired content for free. Note, however, that this isn’t a registered and certified product, but Fullinsta helps you to browse its feature by giving your interface support.

It has the simplest interface to use. You just have to open and browse the desired account. All the celebrities, brands, and even private accounts can be monitored easily using Fullinsta. For a tool that is free of cost, this is not a bad deal to increase your audience and growth rate.


An amazing yet most useful tool for viewing insta stories and displaying pictures is InstaDP. You might fave difficulty while looking at posts and stories of big names. Now instaDp allows you to see those pictures and post in HD quality. A little bit similar to Pinterest, this tool has all the access over any account. It can show even the smallest size pictures in better quality. Along with that it also shows videos, reels, IG stories, and whatnot. You can create a photo or video album of your choice and liking. This is one of the best tools you can find on the internet that will cost you nothing. This tool is free of cost for all users.

This tool is compatible with all devices. It works on the desktop to MacBook, IOS to Android, so in easy words, this tool is essential for all the marketing teams in the business. 


Instagram has become the hub of business activities and stuff. A good strategy applied over Instagram can save you a lot of bucks; however, it can increase your profit to the next level. So to get these advantages, you must know all the knowledge about your users as well as competitors as well. Alone Instagram does not have such facilities for its users to see and analyze data. So the market has so many third-party tools for this purpose only. These tools keep your identity hidden and you can easily keep an eye on your target users. In today’s world, these tools are essential since the competition is increasing day by day. So by using these tools one can easily plan its strategies to grow and increase its revenues.