Instagram Icon Aesthetic: How to Get Colourful Logo on IOS?

We cannot deny the feel of using an iPhone. It is a lot of difference as compared to an android. You can get interesting features and specifications. In addition, it allows you to customize your home screen. With the latest iPhone 14 and so on, you can change the home icons. Many people are using this feature of iPhone and making their iPhone look better than the others.

The use of social media apps has grown over the years. Many people want to connect with their loved ones. It is used for family connections, friends, and for work. For example, Instagram is one of the largest photo sharing platforms in the world. It has a large user base. Brands and businesses use it for marketing purposes.

Instagram can be a good platform for you if you are interested in photo and video sharing. If you are already using it, you probably know about this. What about having an aesthetic Instagram icon/logo for your iPhone/iOS? Read this guide to know how to get aesthetic icon for Instagram on iPhone.

Getting an aesthetic Instagram Icon for iPhone

One of the most popular and in-demand social media platforms, Instagram makes many individuals feel as though their day would be incomplete without it. Many young people now scroll Instagram as a hobby, and many businesses use it as a useful platform. Additionally, it enables users to showcase their talent through postings, reels, and tales.

Being average is a nice look for an iPhone because it is solely known for its uniqueness. The standard Instagram logo does not appear to be visually appealing on your iPhone. Therefore, you may now download a choice of vibrant Instagram neon logos from the latest changes in ISO 14, as well as an attractive Instagram icon from well-known websites like Pinterest and CityPng, etc.

For the web and your iOS mobile, there are a ton of free Instagram icons available in different UI design styles. Instagram Icon Aesthetic is available for free download in PNG, SVG, and GIF formats. Having a beautiful home screen with aesthetically pleasing icons will make your iPhone look more appealing.

Where to Get Aesthetic Instagram Icon?

Read to get aesthetic icon for Instagram? Here are your options:

Google Images

The first website you can check is Google images. Just go to google home page and search for Instagram aesthetic icon and you will find a list of google looking icons for your Instagram app. Now you can download any and use it to make your home screen looking better.


Pinterest is one of the largest image hosting platforms in the world. It has a large user base who upload their images and take advantage of this platform. If you want to get aesthetic icons like Instagram, Pinterest is one of the best options. Just go to Pinterest search for the logo and you will find the options.


Icons8 is a large website where users can find images to use for your personal of professional use. If you are looking for a large variety of images, go to Icons8 and you will get many options.  

How to Change Instagram icon on iPhone?

Take the actions detailed below:

1. Launch the iPhone’s Shortcuts app first. The iPhone’s insta shortcuts application.

2. Next, click the plus sign in the top right corner

3. Pick the Add Action option.

4. Next, select that app by typing Open app into the search field. search field and choose that application

5. Select the Instagram app by clicking the Choose button.

6. Press the top-right corner’s dots. Give the shortcut a name and select Add to Home Screen from there.

7. Rename the shortcut to “insta” when it displays Home Screen Name and Icon.

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