Pictame Instagram Viewer: Alternatives to Pictame Viewer

Pictame was a third-party Instagram photo viewer that took Instagram photos and uploaded them to their website. It was a well-known website that collected user data and used it to make money. Many people have protested about it, and it has eventually been taken off. It was a clever approach to follow any Instagram users without them knowing.

Many tools are available online to check the profile of any Instagram user. You can look at pictures, movies, stories, and other media. Here is a roundup of some of the top tools for stalking other users without their knowing.

Instagram Viewer by MyStalk

MyStalk is a popular Instagram viewer that allows you to get a close look at Instagram. You can use this tool to look for tags, stories, videos, and photographs. Simply type the username in the search bar and press enter to use it like pictame. It will display material created by that user. It’s also possible to search by hashtag. Simply type in a hashtag to see relevant posts and accounts.


This website, as the name implies, allows you to stalk instream accounts in private. Simply input the profile’s username and it will begin to function. It will display the number of follows, followers, and posts you have. More information is available if you scroll down. For example, if you type 38jiejie into the search field, the data for that account will be displayed.



Gramvio is a popular InstaStalker that allows you to search any Instagram user’s stories, tags, posts, and location. It functions similarly to a web browser, displaying trending and popular Instagram posts. The profile, however, should not be kept hidden.



Gramho was one of the most popular Instagram users. Gramhir, on the other hand, is now in charge. If you try to access the official Gramho website, you will be redirected to gramhir. So embrace the shift and keep an eye on your favourite Instagram accounts. The account, however, should be open to the public. If you search for animeowl, for example, you’ll get a lot of results. If you go to animeowl’s original profile, it will merely say “profile is private.”


Do you want to look at other people’s profiles without their knowing? Pictame Instagram viewer is one of numerous tools that can be used. Find more about Pictame.

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